Friday, December 14, 2007

Why did Huckabee have to apologize to Romney??

Why did Huckabee apologize to Mitt Romney for the comment he made about the LDS (Mormon) church believing that Jesus and Satan were brothers? Did the Mormons actually come out and say it wasn't true? That should be a huge example of their lies and deception. Mormons believe that Lucifer and Jesus were spirit brothers in the presence of Elohim, their father who they believe is God. They believe that Lucifer presented a plan to the council of Elohim for mankind as did Jesus. It was Jesus' plan that was accepted and implemented, which angered Lucifer and his supporters. Lucifer prepared a rebellion along with his followers and when they were defeated were cast out of the Celestial kindgom to the Terrestrial kindom of earth. If a Mormon tells you they don't believe Lucifer and Jesus were brothers, they are plain lying.

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Unacanta said...

Ya, many times the LDS gets some slack because they present themselves as main stream Christianity. This is of course the opposite and I encourage all to challenge and state the truth so the lie is does not continue.