Friday, December 14, 2007

Why I decided to step forward against Romney

Several years ago I joined the Mormon church based on what the missionaries taught me about their church and their beliefs. I truly believed I had found the answers about G-d and faith that I had been looking for. I believed I had joined a Christian church. I knew that no person was perfect, so for over a year I overlooked some discrepancies I found while studying my new religion and managed to submerse my life into serving the church. I worked my way up to the highest of the two priesthoods in the church that all male members belong to (Aaronic being the lowest and Melchezedik being the highest). I served as the Elders Quorum secretary and took the classes necessary to go to the Mormon temple in Dallas, Texas. Until that night, there was nothing that would have shaken my faith in the Mormon church or persuaded me that the Jesus the Mormons worshipped was not the true Jesus, son of God. I went through the temple for the first time for my own endowments and teachings. I had questions about some of the "secret" doctrine being discovered for the first time, yet I was sure that it was the truth. When Mormon missionaries teach potential converts about their church and even after these converts join the Mormon church, they are never told the "secret" doctrines taught in the Mormon temples. It is made clear that these teachings are only for the very faithful.

The night I went to the temple I lie in bed thinking about what I had gone through and what I had learned. The night was long and I found it very hard to fall asleep. It was a moment frozen in time. It was at that moment that God decided to reveal to me the truth and reveal his true Son to me. At that moment, familiar angels revealed the true Jesus to me and warned me against being deceived by the Mormons. I listened to them...I knew them deep in my soul...I knew they were telling me the truth about all things. The next morning I woke up wondering if I had just had a strange dream. But I didn't. The truth they revealed to me was instilled in my heart and soul. I knew that I no longer believed the Mormon stories of their prophet Joseph Smith, their Book of Mormon, or the so-called deep divine secrets of their temple. It was a very difficult journey on a path away from the Mormon church. It was a path of fear and threats from Mormon bishops and members who had proclaimed to be my friends. It was a path that Satan himself tried to intervene in during nightly attacks on my soul. I was surrounded by guardian angels who fought off the threats, defended my soul and reaffirmed my belief that I was truly a child of G0d. The battles soon slowed and life moved on. I received a lot of support from other ex-Mormons and Christian groups too numerous to mention but whose heart and love is almost too strong to believe. One of these amazing people was Colleen Ralson who lives in Nauvoo, the very town where Mormonism found the end of it's prophet Joseph Smith and the beginning of a journey to Utah.

I knew that God had a plan for me. Even after suffering from congestive heart failure on many levels, my heart was made strong in time to prepare me to follow the plan God has for me. A mormon, Mitt Romney is running for President of the U. S. This nation was founded on the principles of Christianity and freedom. We live in an age where questioning a person's faith or making it a point of discussion on the character of the person running for office is considered politically incorrect. No one who knows what the Mormons truly believes accepts the lie that Mitt Romney can serve as leader of this nation and separate himself from his religion. Mormon beliefs are a deception and perverted view of the teachings of the Son of God. I will not stand silently on the side of the road and let a Mormon become the most powerful man in the country. I would hope that other ex-Mormons and Christians who are concerned that a man who belongs to a dangerous group like the Mormons will speak out and take a stand against Romney. I am prepared to stand alone, sword of truth in hand and defend my savior and the kingdom of God.


Andrew Miller said...

The only angels you saw were Satan masquerading as an angel of light.

Weston Krogstadt said...

You stepped forward against Romney because you are a Mormon-Hating weenie.

norcalwgfan said...

Mormonism is NOT Christianity; it's a mirror of Freemasonry if anything at all. Ron Paul is a REAL Christian who can bring this country back together.